The Southern Marches

Session 9

June 1

The party collects revenue from the farmers, and plans their next adventure.

The party checks for adventure ideas and finds some wanted posters. After talking with Kesten Garess, they decide to squeeze Oleg, and get 2000sp out of him.

The party heads out on adventure, bringing with them the following NPCs:

Happs Bydon
Jhod Kavken

Sufficient rations are brought to last 20 days.

The party heads West out into the plains, encountering Nathaniel the adventuring supplier, who has set up a large yurt thing.

June 2

The party looks around and explores the now empty plains.

June 3

The Party heads West into the northern most reaches of the Narlmarches.

They wander around the woods for a while.

June 4

Exploration commences.

Natalie is snapped by a bear trap. After Jhod heals everyone, Happs is tied up and the party goes to bed. Kressel arrives in the night and attempts to recover Happs. She is killed by Nyx.

June 5

Dawn comes without a further attack. The party heads SW. Boars are encountered and Natalie is dropped after setting to receive charge. After the combat, Jhod heals everything, and it is revealed that he had dramatically more healing energy than he’d been using all along. When asked why, he answers that no one had asked.

June 6

The area is searched, and the traps of the dead cannibal Breeg Orlivanch are found. Much disgust is displayed, yet somehow the party loots him anyways, gaining a hatchet.

June 7

The party heads SW encountering a stag who stops to watch them. Nyx hangs out with the stag for a while, and it turns out to be soft. It answers none of the questions posed to it. After a few hours, it fucks off.

June 8

Exploration encounters hot springs in the river. There’s an area with lovely hot springs in the river!. Frogs are sighted and the dip is passed up on.

June 9

The party heads East and the stag is encountered again. Nyx pets it and feeds it again. After a few hours it fucks off.

June 10

The party explores the area. They find the lost Stag temple and remove the bear creature. Jhod says he’s going to stay there and read the carvings. The party examines the shrine/temple in detail, noticing alcoves where people may have slept, or been buried. No bodies are found.

June 11



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