The Southern Marches

Session 10

June 11

The party heads SW encountering trees, rocks and other wilderness features.

June 12

The party encounters a frog riding a frog and decide to abandon the area.

June 13

The party continues SW without incident

June 14

The party explores the area finding only a single usable ford, where the tatzlwyrms were and may still be. It turns out they are, and are lured out by pulling the bait to their own trap towards the shoreline. The bait turns out to be an armored skeleton, with a substantial treasure in its pack.

June 15

The party begins to return to the stag temple. They find Duncan’s Dungeoneer’s who are building a palisade in the hex with the Frog on a Frog.

June 16

The party returns to the stag temple and is healed without incident.

June 17

The party continues towards oleg’s finding boar tracks

June 18

The party continues towards Oleg’s and encounters a patrol of southwind soldiers.

June 19

return to olegs

A letter is sent to request that a priest be sent to assist the new settlement, and perhaps also a scholar to identify the magical things that are coming out of the woods.

Svetlana is left in charge of the money, and the notion of a brothel is planted in her mind. She’s not entirely receptive.

June 20

A merchant arrives selling spices. His flower is returned, and a small finder’s fee is passed along. He’s given some of the magic water from the fountains. Lots of information is exchanged, and some chocolate is purchased.



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