Character Creation

And now mechanics! We using the pathfinder rules.

Stats – Players may choose 1 of 3 sets of stats.

Standard – 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
MAD – 14, 14, 14, 11, 10, 9
SAD – 17, 14, 12, 10, 9, 7

Standard should work fine for most people. The mad array is for players who want to avoid weaknesses. The sad array is for players who want to emphasize a strength, even though it means glaring weaknesses.

All characters start with 1000sp worth of equipment, regardless of classes, though certain traits may change this. Players are encouraged to spend it all, and may not enter play with more than 50sp in cash.

Religion – characters don’t need a religion, but can have one, except clerics which must have a god.

Characters from Brevoy should consider Abadar, the wealth god, Gorum, the war god, or Pharasma, the death, fate, rebirth god.

Characters from the River Kindgoms should consider Cayden Cailean, the drunken god, Desna the Lady of Luck, Calistra the lust goddess, or Gorum, the war god. They should know of but not worship Norgober, god of greed, secrets, poison and murder, though his followers can be in their backstories.

Paladins should look at Iomedae the lady of valor and justice. Druids and Rangers should consider Erastil the hunter
Shelyn, love and beauty, and Sarenrae, goddess of healing and redemption, also make good choices.

Races – I’m looking for a mostly human party, though any race from the core book is acceptable. Half orcs should expect to struggle with significant stigma. Non core races are not allowed.

Classes – Any core class is acceptable, with most of the archetypes being allowed.

Druids and Monks might not fit well, due to the concept of the campaign, and should be discussed before being selected.

Fighters from Brevoy should consider the sword lord archetype especially, as it is practiced most intensely where the campaign takes place.

Non core Base classes and Hybrid classes are allowed, except gunslinger (no firearms), though players taking them need to know them well, since I don’t have them memorized.

Unchained and Occult classes are not allowed. Players looking for a traditional fighter/mage should look at magus.

Traits – everybody gets two. The traits on this list are highly recommended, but the full list is available:
Noble born – Brevoy noble family
Sword scion – Aldori dueling schooled
Tough minded

Omg building a character is hard! – let me know and we can walk through it together :-)

Character Creation

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