The Southern Marches

Session 19
Wherein Hollow is found, and a disease is researched

Sept 24

The party arrives in Hollow.

They meet with Lady Cirthana, a sword wielding priestess of Iomedae. She tells them about when the Stag Lord came and the men he left, and the visits of the Company of the Black Banner.

She mentions the physician Laurel might be a place to start.

Laurel tells about the dwarven monastary and the witch Ulizmila. The party encourages her to help, and she starts to talk about looking into the moss.

They head to the Jak’a’napes inn, and meet Jak Crimmy. The party decides to spend the night safely at the Jak’a’napes and set watches. Nothing happens to them.

Sept 25

Nyx and Natalie get flapjacks to go. The party checks supplies and heads to the Dwarven Monastary. A first expedition is made into the monastry, gaining 3 mushrooms, and the party has several encounters including darkmantles, a well, skeletons, and a surprisingly careful kobold.

They are forced to withdraw by their wounds and return to Lady Cirthana for healing.

A ruby is brought back and sold.
4 magic bolts of fire, and a magic ring, are found and brought home.

Sept 26

Session 18

September 1

The area around the Watchtower is explored and a brief encounter with a rival adventueress is noted. The rival uses a little magic to be heard from across the river.

The enterprise reports its first profit. 100 sp added to treasury. Woo! (They won’t hear about this until they return to Fort Southwind, but hey. It’s noted. )

Sep 2

They head SW with the river. Another one of those giant centipedes is discovered, and dispatched. Poison pods are extracted by Natalie who comments on how nice it is to have the river nearby for after.

Sept 3

The party encouters a large camp, or a large force, out in numbers. They are building a scaffold. The execution is put a stop to through some subterfuge, and the “spy” is revealed to be Lyriina Varn, the daughter of Lord Maeger Varn, Baron of Varnhold.

Sir Reginald is the leader of the large company, and is invited to guest at Fort Southwind.

Sept 4-6

The party returns to Fort Southwind, all the while enduring Sir Reginald’s company.

Elric produces the letter of invite from Cephal Lorentus inviting the party to Varnhold.

Sventlanna produces a messenger, the “pathfinder” Evelette, a 60 year old woman, who tells them about the disease raveging Hollow, and brings a message from Lady Cirthana, priestess of Iomedae, asking their help.

Elric is sent back to Varnhold to acknowledge the letter and send a return letter indicating that the party is kinda dealing with something but will return and accept when they can.

Sept 7.

The party sets out heading for Hollow, travelling with pack horses and no riding horses, but bringing 40 days rations.

Evellete informs them it will take about 10 days.

They bring the following NPCs:

Lyriina Varn

They head SW into the Narlmarches.
Peasants are encountered, heading along the trails.

Sept 8
The continue on the path to the ford

Sept 9
They turn W to the Stag Temple and find it still occupied as before.

They seek advice from Jhod who tells them it’s a fungus and they need
Elder Moss
Pickled Rat’s tail (the root)
Ironbloom Mushrooms

The go to seek out Oleg & Svetlana for advice.

Sept 10
Back to the ford. That night a strange glow is encountered, and much terror ensues. They escape mostly uninjured.

Sept 11-12
Return to Oleg’s

They ask Oleg about the strange light. He doesn’t know anything.
They restock while there.

Sept 13
Out to go see Bokken and ask about the ingrediants.
Bokken proves disgusting if helpful, and mentions that the roots could be found with Old Beldame, on the west bank of the Tuskwater, and Ironbloom mushrooms at “Droskar’s Crucible” an old dwarven monestary somewhere “Deep in the narlmarches”

They buy antiplauge, 14 doses, and a little greese.

Sept 14
Continuing out, they head SW

Sept 15
They head to the goldmine

Sept 16
Turning W they head to the crossing, running into Eric the Sly, with his little cart. He’s smuggling Tatzlwyrm parts again. He’s taxed/robbed, again.

Sept 17
They continue on the the Stag Temple. Nyx brings him the last skin of water from the fountain. He stashes it deeply in the temple.

Sept 18
They encounter the frog on a frog again, and after a brief conversation find out there’s a “big house” to the south. Somewhere.

Sept 19
They head to Tatlzwyrm crossing

Sept 20
Crossing that they head W into the forest. The unicorn’s body is found, and time is taken to build a pyre for it.

Sept 21
The area is explored.

Sept 22
They head SE following Evellete’s directions. A centipede is found, and murdered. It had it coming. Burn it and kill it. Lyriisa almost dies.

Sept 23

They find a giant tree with an overly dramatic dryad Tyrissa, who asks them to kill a dark tree. Nyx is charmed into agreeing. In any case, the party is led to Hollow.

Session 17

Aug 17-19

Making plans to build an elaborate trap for the undead, the party decides to return to their fort to get supplies.

They return to Fort Southwind to find a parade in progress. It turns out to be because of the death of a worg, slain by Kesten Garess and the soldiers, which is believed by the folk to have been responsible for the massacre at the goldmine.

Aug 20

Plans are made to head out with supplies and the following NPCs:

Kesten Garess

Diggers and 3 guards to watch the diggers

That day heading SE they encounter a solitary lad, out hunting squirrels with a sling.

Aug 21

At the hex without porgs, they encounter no bird in the tree.

Aug 22

At the crossing they encounter a prospector trying to cross named Edella. They are given writ to stay at Fort Southwind and be paid by the Temple until the party gets around to hiring them.

A climatic battle ensues with the undead creature, when it is put to death with its own ranseur. Much swimming is involved.

Aug 23-25

They return to Fort Southwind and celebrate. The ranseur is promptly sold for much money.

Aug 26

Elric returns from Varnhold, via Nivatka’s crossing. He brings with him a score of workers, including miners, laborers and a mason.

Svetlanna is put in charge of monitoring Edella who is put in charge of a group of miners (16) and soldiers (3) to make the gold mine happen. Svetlanna allocates 20000sp from the treasury to do so, largely without discussing this after it is made clear the party would like to be hands off on this.

Jhod returns to the Stag Temple, and Loretta is hanging around after not werewolfing. Go her.

Aug 27

The party sets out intent on examining the watchtower of Dis. They bring the usual 20 days rations, and the following NPCs:


Loretta is hired on for a split of the treasure, with less than clear meaning as to what that is, but is inclined to trust in the party, who had helped her so thoroughly.

The party is contacted by a voice which calls itself Imeckus Stroon and identifies Alaric the Red as his student. He asks why he was contacted.

A brief banter ensues and then comes to an end.

Aug 28

More empty grasslands near for serenko are explored.

Aug 29

More empty granslands near fort serenko are explored

Aug 30

The party moves to near the river where the Knights of Dis have built a watchtower and a series of ramps, and they observe this from a distance

Session 16

Aug 3

They head SE from the Stag Temple and enjoy the warm weather

Aug 4

The head SE and find the fangberry bushes. A swarm of beetles is fled from. A pie’s worth of berries are taken

Aug 5

Exploration commences they encounter a hunter. He has a stag over shoulder. He uses the codephrase which identified him as being from Fort Tuskwater. His name is Rothgar, which he identifies as Numerian and that he doesn’t even speak Hallit.

Aug 6

Accompanied by Rothgar, the party heads towards the For Tuskwater. They observe the fort and let Rothgar continue on.

Aug 7

They head NE to the ford, and cross.

Aug 8

They continue E and find the remnants of an old silver mine. There’s a mite in a cage, and a surprisingly high number of black scaled kobolds in a trap filled dungeon.

Nakpik – the guard who brought them in
Tartuk – The purple kobold
Tickbiter – the Raven

Forroo – the mite.

They take Forroo with them.

Aug 9

They head NW towards the giant Sycamore bringing Forroo. They let him go. They carefully don’t camp near the tree.

Aug 10.

They head E towards the Nettles’ Crossing

A storm is brewing.

There’s a set of (3) peasants attempting to rebuild the bridge. The peasants are confirmed to be from Fort Southwind, and are sent back there away from the crossing.

Nyx antagonizes the undead there, and finds out that the Stag Lord burned him and laughed, and gave his body to the water. He again demands the Stag Lord’s body.

His name of Davik Nettles is discovered. He accumulates 20 cp from Nyx.

The storm comes in, trashing the area with high winds and rain. Stories are exchanged in the girls tent that night.

Nyx has an odd dream of water, but wakes herself up.

Aug 11

They encounter a raven with a letter at the claw tree. The letter says
“I accept your offer. Please leave a small pouch with your name and a lock of hair with my bird, and I will be in contact.’

Nyx leaves the pouch with the bird with a message that says “I’m not going to give you my hair, but my name is Nyx” The bird flies West.

Nyx has the nightmares again. They wrack her body. She wakes up fatigued.

Aug 12

continuing towards Fort Southwind, they encounter the Sons of Daggermark, who provide intelligence on the Knights of Dis. They indicate that there is a watchtower, a stone tower, and many builders, as well as soldiers, and that a series of ladders is being build by the falls at the watchtower.

Nyx chooses not to sleep.

Aug 13

The party returns to Fort Southwind.


They come to the Stag Lord’s temple, and negotiate with Jhod for help against the undead. He agrees for 4 fee of land around the temple.

Session 15

July 29

They examine the pile of dead bodies which fill the hilltop. An entire day is spent digging graves for the 6 fallen soldier who had been sent to build the palisade. Violet’s tracks are found heading NE. The creature’s tracks are found heading SE. Looting is performed.

5 horses, including one with a pack saddle are taken, as well as a long list of weapons.

July 30

They head SE after what is believed to be a werewolf. They encounter Loretta, and decide to help her by taking her to Fort Southwind and then the Temple.

July 31

They head W, encountering the Company of the Black Banner. A brief and somewhat tense standoff occurs before they pass each other. Pollox and Grelm make careful note of each other, while Nyx and the small one exchange hand symbols. Byron aka “Pudge” gripes about having to show the charter. He shows a charter, eerily similar to all the others.

Grelm asks about the dagger with the ruby pommel. The party conceals it.

Aug 1

They continue to the ford (NW). The ford is unoccupied, except for some minor site modifications, including a sign that says “Temple of Erastil, 12 miles”. They take the sign and throw it in the river.

They also find a small lean to, and prepared campsite, including a firepit with stone ring, but no one is present, nor is there stuff, save for a pile of firewood under a tarp.

Aug 2

They head W to the Temple complex, leaving Loretta a half mile back in the woods, and encountering, for the first time, the changes to the Temple complex.

After some tense negotiation with Jhod, they send for Loretta and put her in the water. She experiences a near drowning, and the statue breaks, the water drains away after absorbing a blackish grease off of her.

Jhod agrees to join the party when they march against the Stag Lord at For Tuskwater.

Jhod and Loretta don’t quite make up, but some tense forgiveness is spoken.

Session 14

July 25th

The party heads E towards the direction Shrike river. The day is warm and sunny.

July 26th

They explore the area finding a small band of fiddling faeries, or so they assume, as they see nothing. Some debate is held before the earplugs Nyx carries are passed around and everyoe plugs up.

July 27th

The party heads back West to the hex without porgs. That night they see signs of a campfire by the claw shaped tree. They encounter Mortimer, who is shady as hell, and Rick, who “isn’t?”. After questioning them about why they’re digging out the tree, they discover that
1) They work for the stag lord
2) They work for Alaric the Red
3) By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg who wants to know
4) Falgrim Sneeg is at Fort Tuskwater
5) Akiros Ismort runs the fort, and he’s “some sort of paladin”

They tie up Rick and Mortimer

July 28th

The party heads W to meet Loretta. (She’s not there). They discover she went wolf and slaughtered the parties gold mine contingent, except Violet. At the mine, they discover a large force questioning the remaining soldier. Nyx kills her own man to stop him from talking, and a long range shooty fight ensues, with a smaller force encircling a larger. After the fight, they question Aedric, who is the sole surviving opponent.

Aedric is questioned, and reveals information about Doven of Nisroch, who is from Daggermark, and probably guild. He also reveals info about the Stag Lord and his zombies.

July 29

Session 13

July 13-17

The party returns to Oleg’s without incident

Eric the fur trader is released on his own recognizants with a warning not to repeat his grievous errors.

Grottles the gnome cleric of Abadar arrived during the party’s absence and has set up in the “Temple”/shack.

Svetlana is discovered to have noted a 75 gold mark on the ledger to get Happs back for threatening her. The auditor is corrected that the money was stolen at bowpoint (by Happs) and not embezelled.

The auditor notes down the discrepency as “stolen through acts of banditry by bandit Happs Bydon”

July 18th

Elric is sent to Varnhold via Nivatka’s crossing to acquire miners. He should be back around mid August.

6 Infantry are sent with Violet to build a palisade around the gold mine location. Some money is thrown to grab some wooden planks to help start the palisade. Nails are sent.

Svetlana is titled as the “you don’t get a title” to run the business side of things, and offerred right of first refusal on what the party finds.

The party prepares to set out, bringing with them:

Natalie as usual,
Thomas, the “great and powerful wizard”,
and no one else

20 Days rations per person are brought in sacks.

The party heads off East.

There is an unusual phenomenon in the sky. It’s a series of small red lines that appear through the day. Shooting stars visible in the day. They are interpreted as a warning of violence.

July 19th

The area is explored.

The hut of bokken is found. A potion is purchased from him for a little less than 1/20th of its market value, as well as some moonshine. Another potion is sampled, to ill effect, requiring an immediate departure to the bushes.

Hilarity ensues.

July 20th

The party continues E. Nothing much happens

July 21

The area is explored, and… not much happens.

July 22

SW, without much effect.

July 23

Search and Fuckall!

July 24

The party enters the hex without porgs.
Mites are found, numbering 8, as a scouting band. It’s a night attack.

They refind the claw tree, and determine that the raven which watches the tree area is under the effect of a divination.

Nyx asks it to tell its master that she wishes to speak with it.

Valinar attempts to shoot it down, but doesn’t succeed.

Session 12
Wherin loot is found, and orcs are killed, and bandits die for once.

July 2

Sheriff Cage Blunde and Doctor Phineus Crane arrive at Fort Southwind (aka Oleg) in the “Province of Thorn” accompanied by a half dozen men at arms.

The party decides to provide hospitality and nominally accept the two missions, namely
1) To find the black knights fort – Given by Sheriff Cage Blunnde
2) To find the Tomb of King Narven – Given by Professor Phinneus Krane

Kesten’s double pay trick is revealed, and the Sheriff runs over him with a metaphorical bus as Nyx enjoys shoving him under it.

The party then discusses with itself what expedition to go on.

The Sons of Daggermark are sent to locate the black knights fort and explore the territories on the way.

The party discusses magic items with Krane, who recognizes the cloak that Nyx is wearing. An awkward conversation ensues. Happs is thrown under the bus, then Kressle, but Krane seems to gain a different perspective.

A messenger is sent to Restov to hire stone masons.

A plan is made for a 14 day outing. Oleg is hit up for supplies. The party brings 18 days rations (18lbs/person) and sets out with

and… no one else.

July 3

The party heads SE and discover’s that the bone pit was misplaced on the map by the Sons of Daggermark who are reaaaallly bad at wilderness mapping.

July 4

The party explores the area.

July 5

The party encounters Loretta who is camping the area, on return from a ranging into the forest.

After some conversation, they tell her about Jhod and the Temple, and give her water from the temple to try to see if that cures her. She takes it and no one can tell if it worked.

The party agrees to return here the night after the full moon, (the 28).

July 6

The party explores the area. finding a crack in the rock of a rocky crag. There is a glittering inside said crack. Gareth notes the potential of this spot to be developed into a gold mine, then hides the entrance with plant growth.

July 7

The party heads SW to the Thorn River, encountering a rickety wooden bridge that appears to have had much better days. Halfway through the crossing, the party is set upon by bandits, who are, for once, dispatched. After some near drowning incidents involving falling from the bridge, a successful crossing is made. Pollux goes back for his stuff.

July 8

The area is fully explored without incident

July 9

They head SE towards the river meetup

July 10

and explore the area, finding orc assaulting a fur merchant/finder. After killing and looting the surprisingly laden orcs, they discover that the furrier, Eric, has a surprising haul of his own, including tatzlwyrm hides, and a unicorn hide and horn. Elves are enraged.

A funeral is held for the unicorn, burning its horn and pelt. The items are consumed in a beautiful yet subtle white light.

Eric is searched further, and a black dragon’s fang is recovered. He admits to trying to smuggle it past the black skinned kobolds that live near here. He says he found it in the Slough.

Session 11
Wherin T Joins!

June 21

“T” arrives at Oleg’s trading post with a charter.

The day is warm, and sunny, and the flowers are nicely in bloom in the gardens that have sprung up around the fort.

Hours are spent in discussion and breakfast, planning an expedition to the Stag Temple. 10 days rations are taken with.

Head SW into forest, bringing with them:

Natalie and Happs and Thomas.

Encounter the hunter “Fitz” who is on his way to the Stag temple. (Red haired and freckled).

He’s cured of his gout by the magic spring water from the stag temple and sent off in the wrong direction.

June 22

The party continues SW over the bandit ford crossing. They discover that the entire area around the ford has been dessicated, with a large clearing created by the deaths of all of the plants.

June 23

The party heads W to the stag temple without incident. They ask Jhod about the blight, he hadn’t seen it. They discuss the forest fairies and invite Jhod to take a look at the blight. He agrees.

June 24

With Jhod, the party returns to the crossing. Benedict and his party are there, and the wagon was damaged by those asshole faeries.

Benedict buys some of the healing water for 100 gp.

Jhod identifies the damage to the crossing as “defilement” and mentions it could be dark druidic or sorcerous practice by consuming the life of an area to power a magic.

Thomas is given chocolate for the first time, and there is nothing unepic about that.

June 25.

The party travels back to the temple with Jhod while Benedict et. all head S.

They encounter a dead orc, and when attacked by wolves, Valinar is almost dragged off while Thomas butters the battlefield.

Happs finds the magic dagger Brightflame and is liberated of it.

June 26-30

Party splits up for a bit :-/

Happs is given his freedom. Everyone returns to Oleg’s.

The summer festival is paid for, but the tithe’s are not paid.

Tribute is sent to Restov to the Temple of Abadar to escrow to the “appropriate party”.

July 1

Taxes come in. Low rates are levied.

Valinar studies the dagger without determining what it does.

July 2

Session 10

June 11

The party heads SW encountering trees, rocks and other wilderness features.

June 12

The party encounters a frog riding a frog and decide to abandon the area.

June 13

The party continues SW without incident

June 14

The party explores the area finding only a single usable ford, where the tatzlwyrms were and may still be. It turns out they are, and are lured out by pulling the bait to their own trap towards the shoreline. The bait turns out to be an armored skeleton, with a substantial treasure in its pack.

June 15

The party begins to return to the stag temple. They find Duncan’s Dungeoneer’s who are building a palisade in the hex with the Frog on a Frog.

June 16

The party returns to the stag temple and is healed without incident.

June 17

The party continues towards oleg’s finding boar tracks

June 18

The party continues towards Oleg’s and encounters a patrol of southwind soldiers.

June 19

return to olegs

A letter is sent to request that a priest be sent to assist the new settlement, and perhaps also a scholar to identify the magical things that are coming out of the woods.

Svetlana is left in charge of the money, and the notion of a brothel is planted in her mind. She’s not entirely receptive.

June 20

A merchant arrives selling spices. His flower is returned, and a small finder’s fee is passed along. He’s given some of the magic water from the fountains. Lots of information is exchanged, and some chocolate is purchased.


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