Spear wielding warrior


She’s sensible, good with wilderness survival, and seems to think things are going a little rough.


Natalie was recruited away from the Merry Band by Nix, and has been promised a Baronet.

She has been intensely loyal, doing most of the manual labor the party requires in the field, and facing the dangers side by side with them. While she has been well paid, she certainly has not received a treasure share, and is holding on for the big payout in the form of a Baronetcy, which comes up from time to time.

She was exploded while digging out the strange claw tree for the treasure beneath, almost eaten by Tatzlwyrms, shot with an arrow while storming a hillside full of bandits, and went toe to toe with Davik Nettles.

Increasingly, she mirrors Nyx’s tactics in battle, the two of them forming a devastating combo together, right up until Nyx’s tactics become heroically dangerous, at which point she turtles behind her shield, and fights very defensively, trying to survive the situation.

Of all the characters in the party, she has been mauled the most, yet somehow stays on.


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