An adventurer met in the wood


Under pressure, claimed to be seeking a lost shrine to cure her Lycanthrope


Loretta has travelled a long road to redemption. An infected lycanthrope, she fled Galt before a mob gathered by Jhod Kavken in response to some suspicious deaths that were seemingly the work of a werewolf. She doesn’t think she did these, but has killed so many since, it almost ceases to matter.

She was discovered by the party seeking a lost temple of Erastil, said to be able to cure any affliction. The first time she met the party, they told her they’d keep an eye out. Then the party met Jhod and led him to the temple, such that when they encountered Loretta again, that door was somewhat closed.

She was asked to wait on a hill until after the full moon, and then she’d be helped. The night of the full moon, Violet and her men were attacked by a werewolf at the new gold mine, and the men were killed. Violet was traumatized, and Loretta was found covered in blood a few miles away.

The party cleaned her off and took her to the Temple, and after some tense negotation, she was allowed to be cured, a fact which broke the temple’s divine power. Jhod and Loretta somewhat made up, but the situation is tense due to the breaking of the temple.

Loretta returned to Fort Southwind, and in gratitude, has joined up with the party in exchange for vague promises that she’d be cut in on the treasure. While her skills in battle are untested, in practice, Nyx beat her handily, despite her assurances that she was an adventurer before becoming a werewolf.


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