Kesten Garess

An extremely dour mercenary cavalry man


Kitted out a a knight, with full plate and a heavy warhorse, Sir Kesten makes a striking presence at Fort Southwind and on the battlefield.


Kesten Garess was found by Valinar, on the road heading west from Fort Serenko, accompanied by 3 soldiers. Valinar hired him and his men on the spot, since he was heading to Restov to hire mercenaries in any case.

Sir Kesten returned to Fort Southwind with Valinar, after heading to Restov to hire more men.

He was installed as the captain of the guard there, and has overseen the training of the men and the construction of the palisade and other defenses of Fort Southwind.

It was later revealed that he had been hired by Sheriff Cage Blundde to look into reports of bandit activity near Oleg’s, and was effectively being paid twice to do the same job. The Sheriff cut him off, and informed him he owes a service to the crown for his impudence.

When the Southwind Expedition Company sought to slay the undead creature Davik Nettles, who was the Ferryman of a crossing of the Shrike, he was brought along to provide his combat prowess, where he aquited himself well.

Recently Svetlanna has suggested perhaps cutting him, as he is quite expensive, perhaps due to his notable greed.

Kesten Garess

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