The Southern Marches

Session 8

April 27th

The party explores the area around the ford campsite.

They find a group of 4, the Sons of Daggermark, and comment that everyone has a charter. The Sons are encouraged to join up for a while.

April 28th

The party continues SW along the forest trails, encountering Tuskgutter’s lair. The boar is killed in exactly the way you kill boars, and the girls wash off from the blood.

April 29th

Fully Explore tuskgutter’s area.

April 30th

The party continues SW, encountering a Thylacine in a tiger trap. They nope the situation after sending the Sons of Daggermark to investigate.

They shoot the Thylacine

May 1

The party hires on the Sons of Daggermark to look for traps and mark them on a map. They are offered 500sp/month to join up with this mission, less supplies.

Fully exploring the area finds another encounter with the invisible dragon dropping fruit. He tries to steal a buckle off Gareth’s boot, and ends up greasing him out of the tree. Gareth is hurt pretty badly, and a stretcher is made.

May 2

The party turns W to head deeper in the woods and meet the Skunk River. Tatzlwyrms are encountered and Pollux is savaged. Heads are taken and the Tatzlwyrms are taken appart for components.

Pollox goes on the stretcher.

May 3-7

In the morning Jhod greets the dawn with powerful healing. The party decides it’s time to hike back to get supplies and turn in the Tatzlwyrms

They encounter some skunk cabbage and one of their own patrols, before returning to Oleg’s where there is now a set of farms being set up.

Sventlana is resolving disputes between farmers.

May 8 -31 Doowwwwnnn time… Palisade is built and



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