The Southern Marches

Session 6

April 13th

The party sets out from Oleg’s, traveling SW into the forest. They travel light, leaving the carts and guards, and bringing only Natalie.

April 14th

They spend some time searching and exploring the area SW of Oleg’s. They find a patch of moon radishes, and sneak them away from the kobolds that are left in the field with them. They do this through pure stealth without waking the kobolds.

They then find out that moon radishes are worth 500 sp /bushel.

April 15th

The party is stopped in a clearing, by the cricket like sounds of the fiddling faeries. Comedy ensues, when Nyx and Lea are ensorcelled to dance, but Valinar, through his elven grace, is able to lead (as in dance lead) them out of the clearing, at a loss of only two raddishes.

The party returns to Oleg’s and sells the radishes, pulling in 2500 silver and chest to store it in.

April 16th

The party (PCs + Violette, Thomas and Natalie) decides to explore the area around Olegs, in a fit of paranoia. They find a ring of stones in a firepit, where the bandits appear to have been observing Oleg’s from.

April 17th

The party continues into the forest, and is assaulted by bandits, somewhat by mistake. After Nyx stabs one to death, and Violette headshots a second, Thomas comes through with a terrifying display of wizardly power (also known as extraordinary luck), and terrifies the bandits into fleeing. That probably should not have worked, which Violette comments upon.

April 18th

The party turns west and heads deeper into the forest. Happs Bydon is encountered, and hired on as the Tax Collector. He and his bandits become “Tax Collectors” but don’t really change what they’re doing.

Happs requests 950 a month for a group worth 850. He gets 950 for the first and 850 thereafter and accepts that saying “Fuck it”

Nyx is appointed as first ranger over them.

April 19th

They explore the area, nothing is found. But oddly Thomas claims that he gave the rabbit furs to a visiting invisible dragon. A discovery of the faerie dragon results in a cabbage being tossed, and a snickering escape.



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