The Southern Marches

Session 5

April 6th (Mike)

Awakening late and asking some questions, he sits down with the mercenaries and discusses fortifying Oleg’s. He also discusses appropriate recompense with Oleg and Svetlana and finds out that they’re loaded.

April 7th (Abby and Kristin)

Travelling through the day, the party encounters Loretta, alone and lost in the forest, seeking a lost shrine.

April 7th (Mike)

Spends day building

April 8th

Valinar continues towards Restov,
Gareth continues building fortifications
Lea talks with Kressle and lays out easy outs for her, laying out the areas where there won’t be an incursion. Nyx mentions “you can do whatever you want in the Narlmarches”

April 9th, 10th. Nothing of interest happens…. except that Valinar asks Kesten to recruit another 13 light infantry, which is accomplished.

April 12th,

The party meets up at Oleg’s, each with tales to tell.

There is a lengthy talk where tales of what has transpired are exchanged at length.

(The party talks to itself for an hour)



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