The Southern Marches

Session 4

March 29th, still

The party decides to withdraw from the tree, and seek some rest. They head a couple miles away and rest

March 30th

Weather is crisp but not cold, with a light breeze, on a clear day.

The party explores the area around the Sycamore.

March 31st

Rainy, windy, and chill with a strong and biting wind

The party heads North East

April 1st


Exploration of the area north east of the Sycamore.

The party finds an odd dead tree, perhaps struck by lightning. There is a crow about and distrurbed earth. Digging up the ground, they find an EXPLOSION which knocks half into bleedout, as well as a badass leather cloak, wrapped around a cache of items, including a fancy dagger and magic wand.

April 2nd

Natalie and Lea are still both unconscious from their wounds.

The party remains resting through the day

April 3rd

Shortly after noon, Lea awakens and heals the party in a burst of light.

April 4th

The party decides to try to track back the trail of who left the spellbook. They discover that one set came from the south east and left south west, and a second different one came from the south west and left to the north west.

The party heads northwest.

They encounter the lair of the massive trapdoor scorpion, and decide to avoid it.

April 5th

They arrive at Oleg’s Trading post and find out that the bandits have been robbing Oleg on the regular and also threatening the lives of Oleg and his wife Svetlana. The party agrees to help them and use the fort as a base of operations.

April 6th

Lea and Nix head SW into the forest while the remainder of the party stays at Oleg’s, intending to join the bandits as a possible infiltration, possible new lifestyle.

Valinar head towards Restov to recruit mercenaries. He encounters a youngish lad upon the road, bootless and cloakless, but armed with a quarterstaff (named Thomas). Thomas eagerly joins the party!

April 7th

Valinar encounters Kesten Garess on the road to fort Serenko, a dour mercenary, and hires him and his men. He is a mounted cavalryman, and comes with three of his own men, for 40sp a day! They continue east, chosing to cut around Fort Serenko, at Garess’s recomendation. Garess warns that the sheriff is in a terrible mood because an obese wizard is staying there.



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