The Southern Marches

Session 3

March 29th… continued.

Late at evening, the remnants of the second party (Hello Adam and Kristin!) find themselves camped under a giant Sycamore, listening to the bickering over centipedes that is occurring in the tree.

With some difficulty, they get the injured out of the tree, and spend some time getting to know each other, and also uncovering some of Cuervin’s story, discovering that he is a ship’s captain who tried to bring refugees from a far away cataclysm, and bring them along the pathway of divinity to Golarion.

That conversation is interrupted by a mite attack, and after, the party spends some time sharing their personal stories with each other.

They make an expedition into the tree, and rescue a kobold, with the party almost losing Elric, who is sent on, well, basically a suicide run in. He is rescued by the party after “scounting” down a pit.



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