The Southern Marches

Session 2

Wherin Mike and Lou join up

March 29th

Chilly with a light breeze. And travelling west across the hills, the party crests a rise to see a strange column of smoke, small and narrow, rising through the air beyond them.

Hamilton is speared, but survives. Natalie chats with Gareth, an adventurer extrodinaire, who is found in the grass, when they encounter kobolds who were seeking to eat Hamilton. Kana arrives and helps Hamilton, before regarding Gareth as a thief.

Notch the leopard strolls in

Gareth and Kana are made offers. Gareth expresses a disinterest in a title, but Kana is intrigued by the idea of a knighthood.

During the night, a Mite stabs Ka’tet in the throat while she sleeps. Fucking mites. More mites are seen retreating into the hollow beneath the Old Sycamore

The party follows them down, with Gareth dropping down into their caverns. He is swiftly hit with flying caltrop.

The party continues into the underground, where Gareth is repeatedly poisoned by centipedes. The party becomes… enraged. Nix killed everything in sight, save that which is exploded by Kana, or mauled by Notch.



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