The Southern Marches

Session 1

March 1, 4710
Party departed Restov after much debate as to what to carry with them on their journey.
Day was windy and clear, but reasonably warm. Party departed with wine, but no coffee. That was their first mistake.

Catch was played with Hamilton, who enjoyed this thoroughly.

Encountered a small farm to the north of the road and bought coffee at Edgar and Edna’s farm.

March 2, 4710

Party remained at the farm to avoid a hailstorm and terrible weather.

An old saddle was found to be in poor repair. Tales were told of saddles and the saddle was repaired and polished. Pigs were wrangled.

Edgar considers opening an inn, with prodding and mentions that “Breeg Orlivanch, a foul-mannered trapper, has been missing for some time—they say he gave up trapping and joined the bandits!”

He also tells of Fort Sarenko, which is where the Shrike turns south.

March 3, 4710

Weather is warm and a light breeze. Party heads west to Nivatka’s Crossing.

There was a single inn, manned by Mistress Flama, a consipiritorial woman who sees patterns in everything. A show was put on.

Trapper Garret:
“Old Tuskgutter eats people. Gets what he can get. Said a friend saw a unicorn in the Narlmarches. Breeg Orlivanch? Sets bear traps for people. He’s been out there too long. Now that you mention it I haven’t seen him in a while. "

Hamilton gets head scratched and sits by the fire.

March 4, 4710

A cloudy day. The party travels west.

March 5

A cloudy day, the party travels west to Fort Sarenko.

Party enters the fort, and meets the Merry Band:

Denton – Drinking from the horn, and playing the lute
Rodrick – red faced and laughing his ass off
Thomas – amused by performances, but trying to keep a level head. (Party Leader?)
Simon – Drunk drunk drunk. His robes ashevel. (The wizard).
Natalie – On guard and watching the others.
Alexandra – Playing servant and keeping the party going.

They engage in a vicious bard off, having a battling show as the bards leap to the table to sing and dance.

Nix tells Natalie that Orlivarch has gone cannibal and now eats people. She mentions she’ll tell Thomas. Mentions Sheriff Cage Blunnde. Natalie and Nix get on very well for some time.

Ka’tet makes very nice with the soldiers and the party is not even charged for the stay.

Cage Blunnde:

“Taldan colonists fell to infighting when they tried to conquer the stolen lands after they found gold.”

“Tatzlworm – trapping evil reptiles. Eat people. They’re all over the Stolen Lands. Charters? Good idea, bad execution. Black Knights of Dis headed due south. "

The Party recruited Natalie away from the Merry Band, and offered her a Baronettship to start in exchange for her services.

Ka’tet slips off in the night with Denton.

March 6

The day is warm and overcast, with a light wind. The party departs the fort early, heading south along the river and encounters Benedict the spice merchant.
Jacob and Martin, the guards. Jacob picked his teeth.

Benedict from Daggermark buys the allspice from Nix and gives her quite the bargain, and a wooden nickel.

March 7

The day is clear and passes without incident. External incident that is.

The party encounters the waterfalls along the Shrike at the Crooked Falls.

March 8

Chilly and Rainy.
Foraging commences and the party spars, knocking Natalie unconscious. After she is healed, they break west and head away from the shrike before turning south tho meet its next bend.

March 9,

Encounters a strange man, who when awakened…. may be named Cuervin? Corwin?

11,12,13,14, 15
Days pass without incident.

Warm and cloudy, the party, which now apparently includes Cuervin, encounters a bend in the river, where an odd sighting is found.

A strange undead approaches the party, and combat ensues. He is eventually bribed with 5 coppers to return to the river and the party now searches for the “Stag Lord” amongst their other persuits.

Exploration begins in earnest, but foraging is unsuccesful.

18 – 28
It remains cloudy throughout (except for the storm) and Natalie takes over the foraging duties.

Terrible storm
Hamilton and Cuervin are lost briefly. Hamilton is found. Cuervin is not.

Cuervin is refound

Passed without incident

A giant centipede is encountered and put down. Violence is involved. Natalie and Nix are somehow convinced to never decide to eat Ka’tet

No incident
a troll is sited at a distance. The party nopes and ducks right the hell off.

Another storm and also boars

exploration finished of the crossing hex.



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