Welcome to the Southern Marches

Throughout recorded history, land has been synonymous with wealth. Adventurers delve dungeons in search of treasures from ages past, but it is the landed nobility to whom these fortune seekers sell the spoils of their exploits. Opportunities to move up in the scheme of the world are few and far between, and those who receive them are the boldest and the best connected, or simply the most ruthless. Now your opportunity is knocking.

On the southern border of the Kingdom of Brevoy lies an enormous swath of uncontrolled and uncivilized land, filled with trackless wilderness, terrible beasts, and forgotten ruins. From these hidden places bandits raid the south of the Kingdom, bringing havoc in their wake. Now the King of Brevoy is calling for brave adventurers to bring these bandits to justice, and establish peace in the Stolen Lands, as these southern marches are called. As prize he offers that most elusive of chances: lands and titles.

The characters in this story are a company of adventurers who have accepted a charter, granting them rights to arrest and execute bandits in a county sized region of the Stolen Lands. If they can succeed in bringing peace to it, at stake is ownership of the entire county, and noble title to rule it. But, as with all such things, there is a catch. Yours is not the only company offered this opportunity. For every county to be created, his Majesty has chartered ten companies, and to the victors to the spoils. His Majesty will name but a single earl or countess for each county, and grant to them sole right to name their barons and baronesses, their knights and dames, in whatever manner they see fit.

Will you become lords and ladies, powerful nobles in a new duchy, wrenched from an unforgiving wilderness, or simply broken bodies, mouldering in unmarked graves? To that I have no answer, for I am neither seer nor god, but simply a teller of tales, and this is your story.

The Southern Marches